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Business process outsorcing

We talk about Business Process Outsourcing when a company entrusts the management and optimization of the whole business process to an external supplier. The BPO has become an instrument to drive the development and the innovation of the company because enables first of all the operating flexibility and addresses the strategic indicated as the ability of the firm to answer effectively to the changes of context.

Business process management

The strong fragmentation and allocation of the business activities brings to the lack of a united vision and of governance of processes. In these conditions, the causes that contribute to the definition of the supply cost of a service are too much and often barely trackable. The approach chosen by Baltik IT for the management of the business processes answers to the logic End to End, that can be imagined as a set of events connected among them according to precises metrics and hierarchical rules, that govern the transactions and allow the monitoring of the business activities from beginning to end.

Business process rengineering

The Business Process Reengineering is the strategy that a company uses to analyse and possibly rewrite the processes, in order to optimize them. It consists of a detailed analysis of the operative model in effect and of a perspective formulation directed to the improvement of the efficiency and efficacy even by introducing new technological solutions.

Document & content management

Information is the key of many activities, therefore it is crucial that documents and company records are managed in the most efficient way. The document management gives solutions for the integrated management of documents such as the classification, the indexing, the digitalisation, the physical storage and the substitute conservation.

Physical filling and acquisition systems

The offered solution manages the entire lifecycle of the document from its take in charge, to dematerialization, to management of the informations contained in it, to physical conservation until its destruction if necessary.

Electronic storage

The Electronic Storage is a system of technology procedures, in detail regulated by italian laws, being able to forward guarantee the legal validity of an electronic document. The Electronic Storage equalizes electronic documents to paper ones attributing them legal validity. Legal validity is guaranteed by the digital signature and by the temporary labeling, two essential elements that mark a document which can’t be changed anymore fixing the date and the right time of its crystallization.

Intelligent document capture

It’s useful, in different contexts, and often necessary, reading the content of the set of forms to facilitate and optimize the different management processes. The fields of application of the innovative OCR systems, that Baltik IT offers are various and go from the automatic capture of informations contained in a specific set of forms (Data Matrix, Barcode, full text, etc.) until their use for additional processing, such as text analysis and content.

Semantic analysis

The solution allows to analyze an extended set of texts in order to allocate documents both to default contents categories and customized (Categorization) through semantic and statistic analysis.

IT service

The use of technology in the management and treatment of informations acquires increasing strategic importance for organizations. Nowadays data networks and IT infrastructure become then essentials for the success of an activity and represent a strategic investment.

Learning management system

Improving your own skills with a solution, at the service of learning, integrated between web and 3D. Our Business Unit Distance Education has developed an innovative solution able to supply contents interactively opening a third dimension to the online education, the “3D”.



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About Our Company

An organization motivated and focused on generating efficiency, quality and innovation for our customers; providing value for their services. Through Document Management, Business Process Management and Business Process Re engineering solutions, Baltik IT supports its customers to improve the value of customer relationship management activities to reach business purposes. Baltik IT offers solutions focused on optimizing, monitoring and integrating customer’s business processes, with System Integration tools, which allow to measure key performance indicators on business processes efficiencies, to speed and simplify management and to adapt its customers needs in an increasingly complex market environment.

Baltik IT is document management and business process reengineering service company.

We provide the following services: Business Process Management: a wide range of activities for the management and the efficiency of End TO End processes in the Customer Relationship Management perspective. Document & Content Management: We plan and implement systems for the acquisition, the substitutive storage, the physical storage, the online consultation of documents. We plan innovative semantic solutions for the automatic classification of information. Learning Management System: we develop innovative platforms providing training online IT Services: we realize and manage innovative hardware and software.

Committing business processes in outsourcing means operating on:

COSTS – reducing operating costs; reducing investments; variabilization of fixed costs and focus on core business;

FLEXIBILITY management of work peaks and increasing of the service flexibility;

TRANSFORMATIONS improving the quality of service; quickness about introducing new services and access to new competences and technologies;

CORE BUSINESS focus resources on core processes of the company.

Baltik IT today is one of the reference point in Document Management and Business Process Reengineering services and it collaborates in partnership with other companies of the group in the field of ICT and Business Process Outsourcing.

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Baltik IT today is one of the reference point in Document Management and Business Process Reengineering services and it collaborates in partnership with other companies of the group in the field of ICT and Business Process Outsourcing.

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