Document & content management


Information is the key of many activities, therefore it is crucial that documents and company records are managed in the most efficient way. The document management gives solutions for the integrated management of documents such as the classification, the indexing, the digitalisation, the physical storage and the substitute conservation.

Provided services

The technological infrastructures and the acquired over the years Know How allows Baltik IT to offer the guarantee of an optimal management of the catalogues: from collection and transfer of files at the Baltik IT archives collection – in accordance with the current regulations in the field of safety – to dematerialization of documents until the shredding of the documentation for which doesn’t exist the duty of preservation anymore. The offered solution is based on a fully-developed pla]orm of documentary management integrated with ERP systems and solutions of Electronic Storage to confer legal validity to the electronic documents. The instruments supplied allow a fast document digitalisation through high performance industrial scanners , the attribution of an electronic protocol and the automatic identification of the characters. (OCR).


The Baltik IT documentary management solution allows to obtain advantages in terms of: Improve the usability of informations and support their fast diffusion;

Accelerate business processes;

Reduce management costs.

Key points

Improve the usability of informations
Accelerate business processes
Reduce management costs