Electronic storage


The Electronic Storage is a system of technology procedures, in detail regulated by italian laws, being able to forward guarantee the legal validity of an electronic document. The Electronic Storage equalizes electronic documents to paper ones attributing them legal validity. Legal validity is guaranteed by the digital signature and by the temporary labeling, two essential elements that mark a document which can’t be changed anymore fixing the date and the right time of its crystallization.

Provided services

Our service is organized in different phases and considers:

Dematerialization of documents received in paper format;

Taking charge of dematerialized documents by the physical filing system;

Electronic Storage;

Creation of backups;

Exhibition of document preserved also electronically;

Auditing of the whole process of conservation.


The implementation of an Electronic Storage process allows to drastically reduce the costs of Paper filing and the simplification of the research phase and exhibition of filed documents.

Key points

Reduce the costs of paper filing
Dematerialization of documents received in paper format
Electronic Storage
Creation of backups