Buisness process management


The strong fragmentation and allocation of the business activities brings to the lack of a united vision and of governance of processes. In these conditions, the causes that contribute to the definition of the supply cost of a service are too much and often barely trackable. The approach chosen by Baltik IT for the management of the business processes answers to the logic End to End, that can be imagined as a set of events connected among them according to precises metrics and hierarchical rules, that govern the transactions and allow the monitoring of the business activities from beginning to end.


Provided services

The close cooperation with our customers, whose relations are based on the logic of the Partnership, allow the achievement of high performance in different sectors. Thanks to a ten year experience reached in outsourcing management of complex processes we are able to offer to our customers a wide range of services of:

CUSTOMER CARE: management of commercial claims that consider the contact with the customer to acquire further informations over the showed necessity, the technical support, the execution of the commercial procedures and/or necessary administratives, the customized notice of the result. The lot in optical of Customer Satisfaction to establish a confidence relation, improve the perception of the own brand and loyalize its own customers base.

BACK OFFICE:  data entry: registration data activity on proprietary systems or of the Customer (ex. Set of forms, polls, questionnaires, etc…);

-commercials and administratives services: management of all the activities that concern the relations with customers and suppliers ( records, service contracts, active and passive billing, taking and payments);

– management of mail, email and fax channels finalized to the classification of the documentation sent by Customers and to the sorting toward the qualified structure.

DATA REPORTING AND MONITORING: KPI planning and monitoring of the processes, introduction of automatics alert and customizable instrument panel, to have a real time view of the trend processes and possible detected critical issues.



Adoption of a Business Process Outsourcing model, allows to obtain different advantages in terms of:

INNOVATION use of automate systems to accelerate the purchase of data and minimize possible management errors.

FLEXIBILITY evolving processes to adapt them to the customer needs.

COST SAVING decrease and control of the management process costs.

CORE BUSINESS use of resources over the strategic activities for the company.

Key points

Minimize possible management errors
Adapt to the customer needs.
Decrease and control of the management process costs