Buisness process outsorcing


We talk about Business Process Outsourcing when a company entrusts the management and optimization of the whole business process to an external supplier. The BPO has become an instrument to drive the development and the innovation of the company because enables first of all the operating flexibility and addresses the strategic indicated as the ability of the firm to answer effectively to the changes of context.

Provided services:

The modular nature of the solution of outsourcing implies the possibility to combine different competences and technologies to have a customized solution, sometimes even unique. Baltik IT therefore offers, in relation to the specific needs of each customer, services of:

Business Process Management;

Business Process Reengineering.


Committing business processes in outsourcing means operating on: COSTS – reducing operating costs; reducing investments; variabilization of fixed costs and focus on core business;

FLEXIBILITY management of work peaks and increasing of the service flexibility; TRANSFORMATION improving the quality of service; quickness about introducing new services and access to new competences and technologies;

CORE BUSINESS focus resources on core processes of the company.

Key points

Reducing operating costs
Increasing of the service flexibility
Focus resources on core processes of the company