Semantic analysis


The solution allows to analyze an extended set of texts in order to allocate documents both to default contents categories and customized (Categorization) through semantic and statistic analysis.

Provided services

Baltik IT offers an original solution of Semantic Analysis for: the intelligent capture of contents reported on paper or electronic documents;

the elaboration of contents with Semantic and Statistic Algorithm, customized compared to the specific requirement (ex. Automatic classification, automatic generation messaging, etc…); the construction of a customized dictionary and constantly updated, depending on the Categorization to be made; the introduction of automations in some phases of the related business processes, in order to contain costs and improve performances.


The Semantic Analysis solution, is based on a specific Software product: CIDS.C stands for “Intelligent Document System”, is our System for the Automatic Categorization of Documents and more generally of Contents. It is based on algorithms of a Semantic and Statistic nature, integrated between them to obtain the best results in the various fields of application.

Key points

Analyze an extended set of texts
Intelligent capture of contents reported on paper or electronic documents
Automatic classification
Automatic generation messaging