Physical filling and acquisition systems


The offered solution manages the entire lifecycle of the document from its take in charge, to dematerialization, to management of the informations contained in it, to physical conservation until its destruction if necessary.

Provided services

Our services consider:

Collection and cataloguing of documents;

Tracking of paper documentation and physical filing in our catalog;

Digitization and indexing of documents;

Extraction and validation of significant informations;

Filing of data in databases;

Integration with business applications. Healthcare services of filing and conservation are organized in the following phases:

Archive management: census, classification and registration of documents, creation of identification barcodes, research and loans;

Creation of a database of images: dematerialization of medical records in Pdf format, test of compliance respect to the original document and digital signature, population of databases of images.

Research of documents and visualisation of the related images by the authorized person;

Online consultation of medical records by the citizen upon certification and identification.


The solution allows:

Decrease of necessary spaces to filing;

Demolition of management costs; Conservation of documents in adequate location for safety and environmental conditions; Respect for privacy;

Work efficiency; Respect for the environment.

Key points

Decrease of necessary spaces to filing
Reduce of management costs
Work efficiency
Respect for privacy